OpenShift Managed Services – Get The Best Support Possible

OpenShift is a PaaS platform developed by Red Hat and is developed around Linux Containers. It allows developers to create and release cloud-based applications easily and quickly. If you want to create Cloud-Enabled services for your business, we recommend using this platform. We also provide OpenShift Managed Services to help businesses grow with the help of this technology. 

OpenShift is, by far, the most popular alternative to native Kubernetes. It is a good implementation of the orchestration platform and has a few additional features that make it appealing to many users. 

What Do You Get From OpenShift Managed Services?

1. Cloud-Native Apps For Your Business 

OpenShift is a great platform to develop Cloud-Native apps quickly and ensure they are tailored to your needs. It is essentially a Kubernetes platform with a few enhancements to make things easier. Applications built in such a way are very adaptive and flexible. They can grow based on the requirements of your business and are resilient enough handle increased loads. 

2. Modernize Your Applications 

Software development and technology progresses at a rapid pace. It makes sense to modernize your technology based to keep up with your competitors. We can help modernize your legacy apps with the help of OpenShift. That will not only improve performance significantly, but will also make them more suitable for a growing business. Legacy apps often struggle to keep up and Red Hat OpenShift can help overcome this hurdle. 

3. Automate Monitoring

Modern IT infrastructure isn’t as simple and straightforward as it used to be. Businesses are moving away from monolithic systems and adapting a more dynamic microservices environment. Containers change and their number can increase as your business processes increase. A system can end up having upwards of a thousand nodes in a few short years. Automation is the best way to keep an eye on things and ensure your applications run smoothly.

4. Migrating Applications

If your old infrastructure is no longer effective or supportive, you may want to consider moving to OpenShift. Migration is never an easy decision, but as experts in Red Hat OpenShift, we can guide you through the entire process. We will come up with a plan that will cause minimal disruption to your business. Our experts will ensure there’s no data corruption or loss as applications transition to the new containers. 

5. Clustered Approach

With Kubernetes and OpenShift, you’re not locked in one cloud. You can have clusters for better performance, resource management, and scalability. The clustered approach can deliver better return on investment in the long term. The approach also helps improve the overall customer experience as well. 

6. Security Paramount

Many businesses have moved to Azure Red Hat OpenShift because it provides much better security. That coupled with our team of experts, you can easily build one of the most secure systems around. The security is consistent and the software is upgraded regularly according to industry standards. 

Why Choose Our Managed OpenShift Services?

Finding the right partner for your OpenShift infrastructure is essential. As we mentioned before, this scalable system can easily become overwhelming as your company grows. Managing this multi-layered environment can be pretty tricky. Here are some reasons why we are a good choice for you:

1. Tailored Solutions

We firmly believe that no business is built the same and every client deserves a custom solution. That can only happen with an experienced OpenShift Managed Services provider. We take the time to understand your needs before recommending a solution that works perfectly for your business. 

2. 24/7 Support 

OpenShift is very efficient but it does require some TLC from time to time. We have a dedicated support team ready to help you in any sort of crisis. Our experts will answer your call and look issues like app crashes and security concerns immediately. All you need to do is contact us and we will send help. 

3. Dedicated Project Manager

We assign a dedicated point of content to every client so you can develop a rapport with an expert from our team. This manager will oversee your clusters and applications, monitor performance, and provide reports wherever necessary. 

4. Regular Reports

We will send detailed monthly reports on your infrastructure’s overall performance. You can see whether your system needs upgrades or whether it is performing well. You can also look at downtime reports, security issues, and any unusual patterns in performance. All of this information will help you make better decisions in the future. 

5. Transparency in Price and Performance 

We have a very transparent pricing policy. You can contact us directly to know more about our plans or ask for a custom quote. You can also discuss your budget with our experts directly to have a better idea about what to expect. 

6. Expert Technicians

OpenShift requires expert attention. We have a team of dedicated and experienced technicians who can solve any issue with your OpenShift system. Whether you have security concerns or questions about the performance, they can help. They can also come up with a custom plan on how to manage your infrastructure. 

Linux Managed Services – Opensource Server Management

Linux has a strong reputation for performance and reliability. Its creators designed it with both affordability and scalability in mind. That’s one of the reasons why it is popular with businesses that run enterprise-level applications. But if you want to get the most out of the performance, you need to manage your Linux server well. That’s where we come in! We offer full-scale Linux managed services and will make sure your system is always up and running. 

We have the familiarity and expertise needed to keep this high-performance server at optimal levels. With us in your corner, you will experience less downtime and fewer issues. 

What’s Included in Our Linux Server Management Services?

1. Planning and Set Up

Linux server setup requires meticulous planning and care. Our technicians are very experienced and understand the soul of Linux. They know how to plan and set up a system based on your unique goals. We will look at what kind of load and traffic the server would need to handle and recommend solutions accordingly. The planning and set-up process is very involved and hands-on. We consult with you directly to understand your needs before coming up with a plan. 

2. Migration

Some businesses decide that Linux is a better alternative to their current system and wish to migrate. Migration can be a little risky because there’s always a chance of data loss. We have a careful and protective approach to migration. Our goal is to ensure the transition is smooth and doesn’t have any consequences. Whether you want to migrate from Unix to Linux or some other platform, we can help as a part of our Linux Managed Services. 

3. Monitoring and Optimization 

Tracking server performance is an important aspect of maintenance. We monitor your Linux server carefully for any sort of unusual activity.  If there’s a spike in the performance, we will know. For example, if your app seems to consume more resources than normal, we will track the source of the issue and implement measures to avoid it in the future. Monitoring also helps with server optimization as we know what we need to fix. 

4. System Administration 

The biggest aspect of management is the day-to-day Linux Running Services. While servers are mostly independent and don’t require much hands-on work, we recommend keeping an eye on things. We offer on-site and remote administration services based on your requirements. We can manage your system and make sure everything is running smoothly. We will also make sure your applications don’t experience extended downtime. If any issues pop up, there’s always someone on hand to fix them promptly. 

5. Hosting Services

You can host your Linux system on-site in a dedicated server or host them off-site on a remote server. You have many options, including virtual private servers and shared servers. We will help you pick a set-up that fits your business needs perfectly. All you need to do is tell us how much load your business will need to handle and what your budget is. We will recommend a solution based on our initial consultation with you. The hosting is part of a fully managed service. 

6. Linux Clustering Solutions

We offer both Oracle and SAP SIOS clustering along with Linux Device Drivers and business continuity. Efficient clustering allows us to group different Linux devices and servers together for large-scale applications. In a business environment, efficient clustering can help keep your entire IT system running smoothly and without any downtime. 

Linux Server Managed Services – Why Choose Us?

When it comes to Linux, choosing the right management service matters. Linux is intrinsically efficient and very popular among businesses all over the world. However, poor management can ruin even the most reputable technology. That’s why we need an experienced team managing the server. Here are some reasons why we stand out in the crowd:

1. 24/7 Support 

Since modern businesses are on 24/7, their IT management needs to be engaged 24/7 as well. That’s why we offer consistent support to our clients with a real, human support team. You can call at any time and the hands-on advice directly from an expert. You can call or message the team if you have any issues with your Linux server. 

2. Tailored Linux Services

Every business needs a different set-up, which is why we take the time to understand what you need before implementing anything. As experienced management providers, we know how to plan a system that fits a business’s needs. For example, if you need a clustered network with multiple servers and applications, we will come up with an optimized plan that fits your budget and still supports your needs. 

3. Managing Major Operating Systems

We offer management services for all kinds of Linux operating systems, including Ubuntu, SuSE, Fedora, CentOS, and Debian. No matter what kind of operating system you have or want, we have experts with hands-on knowledge on how to manage it. 

4. Regular Audits and Reporting

If you want to maintain a healthy server, regular reporting is essential. That’s how we identify recurring issues, figure out where to optimize the server, and make informed decisions on scalability and resource alignment. All of these factors help a business run smoothly. We provide detailed monthly reports and conduct audits regularly to help. 

5. Focus on Security 

Clouds have much better security now than they did during their initial launch, but additional security is always a good thing. We run security checks, track unusual server load, and establish different accessibility permissions to help keep your data safe. 

6. Certified Engineers 

We won’t let anyone but certified engineers touch your system, promise! We have a team of qualified professionals specializing in Linux. They know the technology like the back of their hand and are familiar with the latest developments in the field. They will make sure your system is up-to-date and secure.

Azure Kubernetes Service You Can Trust

As far as container orchestration goes, Azure Kubernetes is probably the most well-known name. Kubernetes was originally designed by Google but has now been adapted by several parties, including Microsoft. The Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service is one of the most trusted solutions to develop and deploy Cloud-Native apps. 

When you want to adopt a trusted technology, you need a trusted partner as well. That’s where we come in. We have hands-on experience with the technology and are familiar with the latest in the field. All you need to do is tell us what you need and we will come up with a solution that accelerates your growth to new heights.

What’s Included in a Managed Kubernetes Service?

1. Container Orchestration on Enterprise-Grade

With Kubernetes Managed Service, you get optimized and automated container orchestration. It is easier to scale clusters based on your business’s unique requirements. No matter how far you go and how much your company grows, this serverless system is perfectly capable of keeping up and we are capable of supporting you. 

2. Identity and Access Management

Most businesses not want all aspects of their cloud system to be accessible to their employees. That’s where access and identity management comes in. We can set up your system to ensure only authorized people can access critical areas of your cloud. Proper access management helps improve overall security and can protect your company’s data. 

3. Supports Your Complete Infrastructure

Modern IT infrastructures are very complex with multiple assets. Azure Kubernates Service offers support for Windows Server, Linux Server, and devices in your Internet of Things. Azure Kubernetes is designed to efficiently manage all assets without suffering issues with load and performance. 

3. Secure and Trusted

Azure Kubernetes is a secure and trusted technology, developed with data safety in mind. We make it even more secure by upgrading the software regularly and monitoring for unusual activity as well. With our vigilance, your data and apps can remain secure.

4. Auditing and Reporting

Auditing and reporting is a big part of maintaining a healthy cloud infrastructure. We can audit the system regularly to identify any performance issues quickly. We can also 

Google Cloud Managed Services – An Excellent Partner For Your Business

If you want a cloud system for your business, you probably think of using big names like Google or Amazon cloud services. And rightfully so! They have some of the best track records in the business. So why not choose a reliable partner for managed cloud services as well? That’s exactly what we aim to provide – a partner in cloud that you can trust!

Google Cloud Managed Services is a good investment for any business. You don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of the process and can just focus on running your business. Google Cloud is very efficient and will keep running in the background, ensuring all of your data is accessible, secure, and managed well. 

And we will do our bit to make sure your Google Cloud never falters. Book a consultation today to know more.

What’s Included in Our Google Cloud Managed Services?

1. Setting Up Infrastructure

If you want to set up a Google Cloud system, you need to plan according to your business’s needs. That’s where we can help you! Our team can come up with an infrastructure layout that will help reach your goals. We will look into the latest technologies and recommend solutions that will contribute towards growth. 

2. Migration

If you want to migrate your system from one cloud service to another, you need the support of skilled engineers. Migration can be a tricky process as it always carries the risk of data loss or corruption. As an experienced managed cloud service provider, we can move your entire infrastructure to Google Cloud without so much as a hiccup to worry about.

3. Automating Processes

Many business processes can be easily automated to reduce the burden on your team and improve productivity across the board. Why force your employees to do repetitive tasks when an application can handle it just as well, if not better? We can set up automation processes for you to help you get the best out of your Cloud. 

4. Application Development

If you want to develop applications for your infrastructure, you need someone who understands Google Cloud technology. As certified experts, we will make sure your application integrates smoothly with your current system and helps you meet your business requirements. Good applications let you employ your server resources better! We can create specialized apps just for you. 

5. Access Management 

Most businesses don’t want to give their employees complete access to their servers. Instead, they want to manage access based on the employee’s position, role, and responsibilities. We can create multiple access points and profiles to help control how people in your company use your Google Cloud Server. That’s an important part of managed cloud services. 

6. Audit and Reporting

Google Cloud is a very efficient system designed to require little intervention. But conducting regular audits can help you stay on top of the server’s performance and ensure your IT system is always online. We conduct comprehensive audits and provide reports to you. You can see your system’s performance, identify common issues, and keep track of any unusual activity. 

Why Choose Our Google Cloud Managed Services?

As an experienced managed cloud service provider, we understand the need to find the right partner to manage your cloud. We do our best to provide the necessary expertise and consistent support. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider us:

1. Proactive Support

Businesses need to stay up and running 24/7 in this competitive world. We provide 24/7 tech support to ensure yours never falters. You can call at any time and get a human expert to deal with any issues with your cloud directly. Our goal is to maintain efficiency and minimize downtime as much as possible. 

2. Custom Solutions

Every business needs something tailored to its needs. We provide free consultation and during that meeting, we will ask you questions about your business and then come up with a plan that would benefit you. Custom solutions are a great way to streamline processes and improve efficiency. 

3. Scalable Solutions

If you want your business to grow, you need a Cloud that is scalable and you need partners that will help you scale efficiently. That’s what we do as a part of our Google Cloud Service Management process. We help create a cloud infrastructure that can easily scale up or down based on your business requirements. 

4. Active Monitoring

We keep an eye on your server and make sure there’s no unusual activity. If there’s a spike or a drop in server performance, we will investigate it promptly to ensure your system is still secure. Once we have looked at all aspects of the issue, we will provide a detailed incidence report to help you understand the root cause of the problem and the solutions we implemented. 

5. Certified Experts

We have certified experts on our team that know the ins and outs of Google Cloud. They will keep your infrastructure current and up-to-date. That includes updating the software, optimizing applications, improving resource allocation, and more. With our help, you can just sit back and relax. 

6. Transparency

We believe in complete transparency. Transparency in quality of service, reporting, and pricing. Our straightforward plans and custom quotes will help you plan your Cloud installation, migration, or maintenance better. All you need to do is discuss your requirements with us. 

Professional WordPress Development in India

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems available today. Millions of websites are powered by it and yours can be to! At YouthTechSolutions, we can create stunning WordPress websites that suit your company’s requirements perfectly. You can get our WordPress developers for hire at affordable rates and build an excellent website for your brand.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is a popular CMS for a reason! It offers a strong framework to build secure, flexible, scalable, and efficient websites. It can also be used to develop strong eCommerce portals that can handle a generous traffic easily. WordPress websites don’t just look impressive, they are easier to manage.

You can add, remove, or edit content on your website without the assistance of a web developer. You just need to familiarize yourself with the WordPress dashboard and functions before you can run the website smoothly. That is what makes WordPress a desirable option, especially for busy business owners.

Benefits of Custom WordPress Development in India

WordPress isn’t the only CMS out there and the number of options available can feel overwhelming at times. We often recommend WordPress to our clients because it offers the right balance between customizability and flexibility. Here are some of the biggest benefits of WordPress web development:

1. Flexible and Scalable

WordPress is a very flexible CMS platform. We can develop different kinds of websites on the framework, ranging from business pages to multi-media sites. It is easy to start off small and scale as you grow as well, which is one of the reasons why so many people choose WordPress over other products.

2. Fully-Customizable

You can customize the appearance and structure of a WordPress website easily. It is just a matter of choosing the right theme. Our developers can find a premium theme that suits your requirements or create one from scratch that is tailored to suit your requirements. A fully-customizable platform is necessary if you want to create a unique website that stands apart from your competitors.

3. Secure and Well-Maintained

When you choose a platform, it is important to consider the long-term maintenance. A website that is weak and causes trouble frequently will be a burden on your resources. WordPress is secure and well-maintained. The company releases upgrades regularly and takes all flaws seriously. You can benefit from some of the best security technologies and encryptions available.

4. Responsive

Websites today must function well on all platforms, including mobile and tablet devices. If your website looks great on a laptop and PC but very bad on mobile, you will lose a lot of traffic. According to some recent data from Google, a large majority of customers shop or visit websites on their mobile phone. If your site doesn’t load quickly or work well on mobile, it will falter. WordPress is the best and most responsive solution.

These are just some of the many benefits of WordPress web development in India. If you need a website that doesn’t just perform well but also provides long-term stability, WordPress is the right choice.

Why Choose Our WordPress Development Services?

Choosing the right platform is just one part of the equation. You also need to find the right WordPress developerto do the job. YTS is considered a very reliable WordPress development company in India by hundreds of businesses. Here’s a look at some reasons why you should consider hiring us:

1. Affordable Services

Everyone is concerned about the cost of website development. While clients want a reliable site, they also want to stick with a comfortable budget. We understand the value of money and offer our services at a very competitive price. We also rely on a very straightforward approach to pricing and will only recommend things that suit your unique requirements.

2. Expert WordPress Developer in India

WordPress development requires a lot of skill and experience. While the framework is in place and it is very secure, mistakes in development can still compromise the efficiency and stability of the site. We’re an experienced WordPress development agency and have worked with many businesses over the years. Whether you want an eCommerce site or a blog, we can help.

3. Tailored Development Services

Our main goal is to make sure the end product fits the client’s vision perfectly. We work with clients to come up with a unique, tailored solution for their brand. We make sure your website represents your company and products well. These tailored services can help you stand apart from your competitors and gain attention from prospective customers.

4. SEO-Friendly Development

A website can be perfect and still not attract any traffic online because people simply can’t see it. That’s why we build SEO-friendly platforms and keep marketing principles in mind when we develop a site. We make sure the platform is easy to use, has clear structure, good technical SEO elements, and great content.

5. Dedicated Project Manager

During the project, you will get a dedicated project manager. This manager will keep an eye on the progress of the project and make sure everything is going according to plan. They will also make sure you get regular updates regarding the different aspects of custom WordPress development. This will help ease your mind during the project.

6. Consistent Customer Support

Once the website is launched, the owner can take over the day-to-day management of its content. However, you will still need experts to handle troubleshooting, website repairs, upgrades, and other such maintenance requirements. As an experienced WordPress development agency in India, YTS is fully committed to the client’s welfare. We provide consistent customer support even after the website is live.

All of these advantages and more make us one of the best WordPress website developers in India. All you need to do is contact us and book a consultation. During the consultation, our experts will ask you a few questions to understand your requirements, conduct some industry and competitor research, and then develop a plan of approach.

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call us at YouthTechSolutions, and we will do our best to help.

11 Must-Have Features on Your App

A mobile app can be a great way to build customer loyalty and increase user engagement significantly. A well-designed app can help you earn your customer’s trust and improve sales numbers at the same time. If a customer has your app on their device, they are more likely to keep buying things from your business over the long term. However, your app should provide the user experience necessary to compel your customers. Here’s a look at some of the must-have features you will need on your platform:

1. Great User Experience

Everyone wants a unique and attractive platform, but there should be a balance between good design and confusing design. If the app looks pretty but the navigation is confusing, the user experience will be bad and customers will uninstall your app.

A good app has predictable navigation that doesn’t need special instructions. Things like a hamburger symbol to open a menu, the gear symbol to access settings, the human symbol to access a user account, etc. are all standard. Make sure the app has a good structure, logical layout, and accessible menus. It is important to keep the size of the mobile screens in mind when the app is created.

2. How-To Guides

Most people are familiar with apps but it is still a good idea to provide some instructions. Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to understand what your app is all about. Providing a how-to guide will improve the customer’s experience considerably and help you attract more customers across different age groups.

These how-to guides will also help you improve the customer experience overall, which will also increase the number of downloads.

3. Search Button

Few people have the time to search the entire app for what they want. If your app has a search bar, they can easily find what they need and continue with their browsing. This improves user experience considerably. A search button will allow people to do what they want quickly and easily, which is very important in their user experience journey.

If customers can’t find things quickly, they will become frustrated and look elsewhere. When it comes to apps, you need to keep long-term usage in mind. A customer may be willing to manually search for a product or service once or twice but they won’t be willing to do that all the time. If you want your app to stay on their device for a long duration, it is important to make things easier for your visitors.

4. Scalable Text and Images

An app should be useful for a wide range of people with different abilities. Many apps don’t have basic features like zoom and scalable text. That can be a hindrance for people with disabilities and eye problems.

Make your app as assessable as possible by enabling scalability, adding a read-aloud option, and providing other such conveniences. That will not only help you reach a group of customers that often face hurdles but also improve the brand image as a whole.

Adding speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities will also help people who can’t access the device at times. For example, the customer may want to use your app while driving or cooking and text-to-speech can come in handy during these times.

5. Personalized Push Notifications

Push notifications are the bread and butter of apps. They remind customers of the app’s existence while making them aware of the different offers, sales, or events available. While normal push notifications are effective, customized push notifications are even better. They are tailored according to the behavioral insights collected by the app and offer the customers exactly what they need.

Personalized push notifications don’t just improve user engagement and sales, but also strengthen brand presence. The customer subconsciously realizes that everything they need is already available to them. When they want something new, they will check your app first before looking at the competitors.

Personalized push notifications should send out regular alerts but in moderation. If you send too many alerts, the customer may feel annoyed and either mute the notifications or delete the app. It is best to work with your marketing team to ensure your push alerts are useful and not disruptive.

6. Synchronization

Many customers carry out their shopping over multiple devices. They may add a product to their cart on their mobile phone but check out the product on their computer or tablet. It is important for your app to synchronize seamlessly across different platforms. Most customers won’t bother to look for a product again on their laptops and complete the transaction.

Most customers use the cart as a wishlist and add products to it even if they intend to buy them later. If your data is synchronized across different platforms, it will be easier to keep track of customer activities and provide a more convenient experience.

Synchronization also helps improve sales considerably because people can keep track of what they want across multiple devices.

7. CTA Everywhere

Make it easier for people to communicate with your customer service team. Make sure your chatbox is accessible from every page. Add the option to access customer service in the main hamburger menu. If the customer has to search for the contact options, they will quickly become frustrated. That’s especially true when they have a complaint and are angry with the brand.

The key to good customer service is to provide a solution as quickly and smoothly as possible. Make sure your customers can chat, email, or call your customer service team quickly for the best results.

Make sure your cart is also equally accessible so people can check out at any time without delays. Make the cart symbol big and attractive to draw immediate attention from the customers.

8. Caching

Apps work at their full capacity when they are connected to the internet. However, many customers may require the app when they can’t access the internet. For example, a customer may want to look at something while they’re on a flight or while they are in areas without reliable internet access.

The best way to ensure most of the app is available to the customer while they don’t have internet is data caching. If you keep most of the app data on the customer’s device, they will be able to use many features even when they are not on the internet.

Data caching can vary from one app to another based on the type of services you provide. For example, services like cab booking require an active internet connection but if you are an ebook store, you may want to provide options that allow people to read without an internet connection.

9. Feedback Ease

No app is perfect and customers recognize this. However, if they love an app, they will provide feedback to improve the quality of service. You need to make sure your app makes this effortless. Things like reporting bugs, dead links, errors, blank pages, etc, should be a breeze.

Feedback is very valuable because it can help you spot errors that you may have missed. That makes troubleshooting, app maintenance, and overall app management much easier. It also helps you provide better customer service in the long term.

When customers notice you have accepted their feedback and acted on it, they will have a better view of your brand. They will feel like they have contributed to the app’s success and become personally invested.

This also helps build brand loyalty and trust, which is valuable in the competitive business environment today.

10. Privacy Settings

Modern customers are often concerned about how their private data is handled by the brands they trust. They are also concerned about what apps can access and tamper with when they are on a device. Providing nuanced privacy settings and data opt-out options is a great way to ensure your customers have full control over their privacy.

Allow customers to opt-out of data collection and block all notifications from the app. While this might seem like a big ask, it can help you earn the customer’s trust. You can collect enough information from their transactions to benefit your brand without relying on other sources.

Honest and upfront privacy options improves the brand’s image and help customers trust you. It also makes them more willing to download and keep your app on their device, even after they switch their mobile phones.

11. Authentication

Mobiles are fairly secure but some customers prefer added security for their apps. That’s essential when your app deals with sensitive data like finance, mental health, physical health, etc. Multifactor authentication ensures that only the user can access the app and no one gets in without their permission.

Added security increases trust in the app and will help you reach a wider audience. It is important to incorporate security into the core of your app development. The more secure your app is the better.

If you have these important features on your app, it will be easier to reach a wide audience and retain them over the long term.

How Responsive Web Design Stands Apart From Other Options?

Millions of people around the world have started using the internet. Some surf the internet on smartphones, others use tablets and computers as well as laptops. If you are a businessman, it is important to have such a website that can help the business to grow at a good speed. In the current time, the website of the business carries a lot of importance. So, you must have heard about responsive web design. With the help of this design, your business can flourish. For the information of a layman, responsive web design means your entire website along with all the webpages can adjust itself as per the device of the user. This brings the best experience to the user whether he is using a laptop, desktop, tablet or a smartphone. In the last few years, responsive website development has attained a lot of importance as well as popularity.

More technical explanation about functioning of the responsive web designing

The responsive website design is also sometimes called RWD design in short. It is not wrong to say that it is a very modern and latest approach. If the website and its pages altogether adjust on all types of devices, it becomes easy for the user to read the entire content. It is this automatic adaption to the screen that changes the whole game and brings a new experience for the user, irrespective of whether he or she is using a laptop, desktop, smartphone or even a sophisticated new-generation television set.

The responsive web design makes use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It becomes easy to use the settings and serve various style properties. Everyone who is using your website has a different screen size, there are other factors to consider such as orientation, screen size, color capability as well as other characteristics of the user’s device. There are other examples related with CSS properties that have relationships with responsive design web development. It includes the name of media queries and viewport.

You must ensure that your website is responsive or not

It is easy to check whether the website is responsive or not. You can check the same in your browser. There are few simple steps that can be followed and you can check whether or not the website is responsive or not.

  • Just open the Google Chrome
  • Open your website
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + I and it will take you to Chrome DevTools
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + M and it will toggle the device toolbar
  • View the pages from tablet, mobile and desktop to collect information from a different perspective

There are various free tools and you can check whether or not your website is responsive or not. In the last few years, responsive web development has attained a lot of importance. You can also take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. your business will get great benefits if your website is mobile-friendly. When using a new technology, it is important to learn more about its advantages. The owner of the business must try to understand how the aspect of mobile-friendliness helps the business. Various other design approaches can help the business in the long run.

Why are responsive web designs so popular and how are they helping the business to grow?

The goal of each businessperson is to maximize his or her profit and for that it is very important to grab the attention of the netzens. The responsive web designs are popular because they enable the netizens to use the website in a comfortable manner. If the users are experiencing problems in browsing your website then they will immediately switch to a new website and your business will suffer. On the other hand, responsive website designing helps the business to grow.

The web designers, web developers, user interface designers have to often work extensively if the website is not responsive. If your website is responsive then all the aforementioned people will get some relief. It is not necessary for them to create a new type of website for different types of devices that are currently into existence. With the help of such technology, a business gets a better opportunity to grow. The advertisers, marketers, and business owners find it very easy to manage the business. There are additional benefit as well:

  • There is no need for any redirection in the responsive web design whereas in other options the system of redirection sends the user to the appropriate versions. If the website is resolved the user can easily access the content and no time will be wasted in the redirection.
  • There is no need to create a different website as per the existing system. The viewers get the best viewing pleasure with the help of such websites. Whether you are browsing the website on a Mac or some Android phone, the website will appear in the same manner.
  • The optimal design as per the device –  After taking the responsive web design approach, all the HTML elements such as images, fonts get scale properly. Also, the screen size gets maximized.

These days the craze for responsive design websites is going up exponentially. As there is no need for any redirection, the user can easily access the content. Moreover, it also becomes easy for the user to access the content. From the aspect of price, a responsive web design is cost-effective. Instead of managing multiple websites, you can manage just one. In case, any change has to be made, there is no need to take pains.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What should not be present on the responsive web design?

The web masters must ensure that there are not too many elements on the website. It can create a bad impression. Moreover a cluttered website is very hard to navigate. It takes a long time for the entire website to load. In most of the cases, the user does not collect a very good experience. It is because the website takes time to load. If the website is not loading properly then it could lead to additional problems. Make sure that there are no un-clickable buttons and no unreadable text. If the elements are not properly adjusted then it could lead to different screen sizes. Make sure that website is not overlapping. Everything should appear in a balanced manner.

  •  When will your website be deemed a good website?

Your website must have mobile optimization. There are many netizens who surf the internet on their mobile phones. The webpage must adjust as per the size of the device. Certain elements must be hidden. Fonts have to be changed and some background images have to be removed. The webmasters have to take care of all such elements. It is important to adjust all the elements. Consult with the technical experts to learn more about CSS media queries, flexible visuals, fluid grids etc. 

  • Is there any difference between interactive and responsive websites?
  • In a responsive web design, most of the focus is on creating such a website that reacts according to the user’s environment. On the other hand, the interactive web design reacts as per the user’s action. In a good website, you will find all design elements. The website is both interactive and responsive. The website must provide a high quality response to all the users. Each user must be happy and satisfied after browsing the website. On what type of device, the user is accessing the website, this aspect should not create any significant difference. Consult with the experts to learn more about the responsive design web page.
  • Why is responsive web design so useful in the modern era?

Such a time is now part of the history when people had to access the website only on a desktop computer. Most of the people were using monitors of the standard size, the website designs were not so advanced. Today, the netizen accesses the website from different devices. The size of the screen can vary. A small screen of a smartphone is just a few inches whereas the size of a big desktop set is very big. With the passage of time, the expectations of the netzens has also changed. The netizens want the website to adjust as per their preference. If your website is as per modern standards, your business will benefit. The netzens will become satisfied and happy.

  • Will a business suffer if it does not have responsive web design?

There is a very big chance that your business will suffer and you must ensure that the website is as per modern standard. Your business will get a competitive edge. It is important in the current time to have a modern website. A poorly designed website is never recommended by netizens. Most of the online traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. So, your website should be responsive or else your business will suffer extensively. More and more customers purchase products from such websites that are responsive. In the near future, the demand for responsive websites is likely to grow. So, it is necessary to maintain pace with the current time. 

12 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Small business owners often underestimate just how beneficial a website can be. They assume sites are for big corporations with large budgets. However, small businesses can get several benefits with the help of a well-designed portal.

Here are some reasons why a small business can benefit from a great website:

1. Visibility

Even if you have a small, single-page website, it is better than no website at all. Visibility online matters in the modern world. Most customers will search a company’s name online to understand what the company has to offer.

This happens for small businesses with low-value products as well. It has become almost instinctive to double-check a brand’s presence online before making a purchase.

A good-quality website will help you establish a strong presence online and get ahead of competitors as well.

2. Brand Trust

A website can help you establish authority online. It shows that you are a company with a strong presence. You can also use blog posts, website content, and related marketing material to build a relationship of trust with your target audience.

If a small business has a legitimate website, it is more trustworthy. When people search for your brand name online, they can immediately find your site.

The website can also be the primary source of information regarding your products and services. You get to control the narrative, which is crucial in a business environment where everything relies on trust.

3. Detailed Description of Your Products and Services

As mentioned before, your website will become the first source of information for prospective customers. You can control how much people know and understand.

Your website copy can be your first sales pitch. You can use the information to compell prospective customers to invest in your products or services.

Even people in a store looking at a product will look up information on the internet. Providing a dedicated page for this information can go a long way to convince a customer to commit.

4. Marketing Potential

A website is like a window display and such displays always have marketing potential. You can maintain an active blog that provides first-hand information on different aspects of your business and industry.

A website blog is a great way to showcase your expertise. You can look at the common questions people have regarding your products or services and provide answers.

It is important to keep your website dynamic. You can add new content pages, use keywords, and create engaging posts to draw people it.

A dynamic website will also climb up the search engine results pages effectively. If you play your cards right, a website will show up at the top of the first page of search results. That will increase your business’s visibility considerably.

5. Competing Against Bigger Brands

This is one of the biggest challenges for small businesses. They need to determine a way to stand toe-to-toe with large corporations with massive budgets. That is nearly impossible with traditional marketing mediums like television ads, newspaper ads, etc.

However, digital marketing and websites make things a little easier. Even companies with smaller budgets can establish a good presence online with the help of a strong website.

You do need to spend some money on developing a good-quality website. First impression matters and if your website doesn’t look great the moment the customer clicks on it, your money will be wasted. Make sure you have a great site that offers straightforward information to get the best results.

6. Affordable

Getting a website is more affordable today than it ever was. These days, you can build a steller, attractive platform at a very low cost. There are many options available to you from DIY platforms like Wix or Squarespace to reliable CMSs like WordPress.

While it is a good idea to invest properly in a website, it doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket.

A good website is well-structured, informative, and visually appealing. Even a low-cost single page website will have a big impact on your online presence and business.

7. Reach Customers

You can reach more customers if you have an online presence. A website and social media profiles can help you connect directly with people from all over the world.

This helps you unlock the potential growth of your business. For example, if you are a store based in a city but want to start marketing your products all over your state you can utilise a website to reach your audience.

As most people search for information online instead of relying on traditional methods like ads or salespersons, a website is necessary to facilitate growth.

Without a website, it can be difficult to connect with a wider audience.

8. Save Money

A website can help you save a lot of money on more traditional marketing pathways. You can direct the money reserved for things like magazine ads to creating content for your website.

In many industries, a website is more effective than traditional marketing strategies.

You can also create a DIY marketing campaign to save more money. We recommend using professional marketing services for the best results but acknowledge that creating good DIY marketing is possible.

If you’re on a tight budget and want to cut corners, you can rely on your website to save money.

9. eCommerce

eCommerce is perhaps the biggest benefit of having a website. Through eCommerce, you can sell your products to a wide range of audiences without setting up physical stores in different locations.

For example, if you intend to sell your product to the entire country, you can do that with minimal investment.

You just need to add a cart to your website and create a product or service page for everything you have to offer. With eCommerce, you can expand your business, earn more revenue, and reach a wider audience.

10. Collect Data

A website is a rich source of information. By studying website analytics, you can understand your customer’s behavior and modify your approach accordingly.

For example, you can see which pages your customers visit, where they linger the longest, which products are popular, and more.

You can use this data for product development, marketing, business optimization, customer service, and much more. You can also study the data to see what kind of impact your marketing strategies have on your website.

Data is more valuable than gold these days. If you can collect and utilize information effectively, you can reach the skies.

11. Potential Growth

The world of online development, outsourcing, and digital marketing is growing significantly. We’re already at a point where businesses that don’t have a website are considered untrustworthy.

Some business owners are content to earn a small and steady income. Some have a hunger to soar to the skies. If you have grand dreams about your company, it is best to invest in a good-quality website.

Online is the future for most industries. There’s enormous potential for growth online. You can even start a business from scratch just online, without investing any resources in other physical assets like stores.

With eCommerce being a trillion dollar industry, there is room for everyone to find their success.

12. Accessible

Websites are more accessible than stores. It is easier for people to place an order online and get a product or service at their doorstep than to go to a business location directly.

That means you can reach customers in remote areas or those with mobility issues. By adding a website to your business, you ensure it is available to people from all walks of life.

Your store will be open 24/7 and accessible from different devices like phones, tablets, and computers. People can look at products, place orders, and even contact customer service at any point in time.

As you can see, a good website offers a wide range of benefits to small businesses. We recommend setting aside some funds to develop a strong, attractive website that will impress your customers from the get-go.

You will need to hire an experienced web designer for this purpose. While creating a DIY website is possible, it doesn’t always deliver the best results.

When you’re looking for a web developer, consider their portfolio carefully, ask them questions about their experience, and look at the different packages they offer.

You can compare prices from different web designers to see which one offers the most value.

Ask your web developer to provide references, look at their past projects, speak with their past customers, and then make the decision to hire.

During the consultation, explain your priorities with the website, and discuss the best possible solutions. Ask questions about web design and seek recommendations from professionals on branding, logos, and other such important elements.

Being careful at this stage will go a long way and will help you establish a strong online presence.

Websites are a long-term commitment so it is important to start off on the right foot.

What Is The Strategic Significance Of Website Maintenance?

All of us know the importance and significance of the website for any business. If your business does not have an online presence then very soon it will lose its popularity. The shoppers look for such websites that are present before them. It is not wrong to say that the website is the foundation of the business. Many people visit the website of the company to collect vital details. Details about the company, its products are easily available on the website. If your website is not functioning property it has become outdated then it is the time to take necessary steps. After creating the website, you should pay proper attention to the aspect of website maintenance.

Website is very necessary as it ensures growth of the business. Most of the impression is formed at the first instance only. If your website is not impressive, your business will get affected. So, it is your duty to keep the website functional as well as up-to-date. If your website is an ecommerce website then it is important to pay extra attention to maintenance. Your website should be easy to use or else netizens will jump to other websites. The web maintenance is very necessary to prevent different types of issues.

Adjust your website as per the changing time

In order to ensure complete growth of the business, web maintenance is very necessary. With the passage of time, the marketing strategies need to be adjusted. Very similarly, the website needs to be maintained or else your business will suffer. Regularly check your website and find the issues. If there are any issues, try to fix the same as soon as possible. Do not allow issues to last for a long time, make necessary updates. Consult with the experts to learn more about website hosting and maintenance.

Why is website maintenance so crucial?

  • Most customers collect information through the website before selecting a product or service. If a netizen will arrive at your website and your website does not function normally then your business will bear the loss. If your website is giving some negative impression then neither will they come back to your website nor recommend others to browse through your website. 
  • You must have heard that “first impression is the last impression.” If your website is outdated then customers will go away very soon. Make sure your website is not unprofessional. If your website is not impressive then customers will think that your business is not good at all.
  • A good website can help your business to grow at an impressive rate. Your website should be such that the customers can easily get attracted to the website. Your website must encourage the customers to make a purchase. In case your website is not up-to-date or it is delivering poor experience, your business will suffer.  You must give a positive experience.
  • When the website is properly maintained then it is possible to protect the website from cyber attacks. Keep the security of your website up-to-date and then your business will be protected. The customers prefer to visit such websites that are completely safe. The customers and shoppers are extra cautious when it is the time to make online payment. The importance of site maintenance is known to the technical experts.
  • If your website is not properly maintained then your SEO strategy can get affected. If your website has a very high bounce rate then Google can consider that your website is not relevant. It can lead to lower ranking. If less traffic is driving to your website then it could lead to lower ranking. Tackle all the security issues, technical issues. If your website is outdated, its structure and content is outdated then your website Search Engine rankings can get affected. It is extremely important to pay attention to the aspect of website design and maintenance.

The cost of the website maintenance

A large sum of money is not required in the process of website maintenance. However, it may vary depending on the type of website. There are different types of websites such a small website, personal website, corporate website, e-commerce website.

Important aspect to consider in the website maintenance

  • The domain name must be renewed. It can be said that the domain name is the address of the website. Consult with the experts and learn more about this important aspect. Purchasing a domain name is not very expensive and you must keep making the payment or else someone else might purchase your domain name.
  • It is important for your website to have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. Keep your website secure through all the means. With the help of the SSL certificate, you can also receive as well as transfer sensitive information in a very secure manner.
  • You should also consider the cost of the website hosting. It is up to you whether you are hosting or your website on your own or you are hiring the service of a hosting provider.

Test the website on a regular basis and make necessary updates. Just check for the broken lines. Consult with experts and others who are not related with your company. Try to understand the performance and appeal of the website from their perspective as well. Test the browser compatibility as well. Every quarter, you must check the browser compatibility.if any software update is required then go for it. From your hosting provider also, check the necessary software updates. Do not neglect the aspect of upgrading.

Keep the backup of your website

You never know what will happen in the future. So, it is a good idea to keep necessary backup of everything from content to all information. If something goes wrong with the website, it is possible to keep a backup. If your website is secure then it can generate more leads and it will culminate into more sales.

Review the key metrics of the website

Use the tools like Google Analytics and review the key metrics on a regular basis. On a regular basis just check your key performance indicators (KPIs). Make sure that your website is meeting your goals. Consult with the experts of a good website maintenance experts and they will brief you with other technical factors as well. Make a list of all such things that need to be done. As per your budget, you can choose the website maintenance plan. Learn more about the website upkeep.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Can I maintain the website on a DIY basis?

It is good to take help from experts because they are aware of the technical challenges. The technical experts apply many technical logics and ensure that the website is maintained in the best possible manner. We can clean the house on our own but still we hire maid service. Monitor the performance of your website and ensure that your business is growing. If you do not have technical information then managing the website, maintaining the website will be somewhat impossible.

  • Is website maintenance very important in my SEO efforts?

Of course, website maintenance is very necessary in the SEO efforts. You must take care of your SEO strategy because only then your business will succeed in the long run.  The speed of the website, the optimization of the website should be done in a periodic manner. Check the performance and ranking of the website on a periodic interval. Make sure that your website is very fast because only then it will deliver a very good user experience. If the website is very fast (after proper maintenance) then, more and more potential customers will admire your business. Your business will certainly benefit from the website maintenance. 

  • What will happen if I am not paying proper attention to the website maintenance?

In case you are not paying proper attention to your website maintenance, it will become slow and outdated. It will be very difficult to protect the website from external attacks. Make sure that your website is very appealing and it is receiving necessary updates. Keep the pace with the changing time or else your website will become outdated. If your website is outdated and it is not as per standards then Google can diminish its rankings. So, to be on the safer side, pay regular attention to the website maintenance. If you are alert then certainly your business will benefit from it.

  • What should the webmasters do from their side to check the performance?

Check that your website is loading without showing any error. Keep the necessary backup. If there are any forms on your website, make sure that they are running properly. Do not forget to remove all the spam comments. Check that the pages do not have any broken links. All these aspects are very small but they carry a lot of value. Search for the 404 errors that need to be fixed or redirected. Check the local visibility of your website. Do not forget to check the graphics and images, make necessary updates.

Build an eCommerce Website to Boost Your Small Business

An eCommerce website can be one of your biggest assets, especially in the modern commercial environment. The pandemic forced everyone to rely on online resources to keep going and it has changed the way people shop and conduct business. People who weren’t comfortable with online shopping before have not adapted to it. That means small businesses can no longer afford to neglect this platform. They need to make sure they have a dedicated eCommerce website to sell their products and/or services effectively.

If you have ever shopped online, you know that these websites can be fairly expansive with hundreds of dedicated product pages. Developing such a website requires a lot of skill, experience, and fineness. The developer also needs to have experience with platforms like Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Magento, Prestashop, Big-Commerce, etc. YTS can develop websites that will take your business to the next level and we explain why you may need such a platform as a small business.

1. They’re Affordable

Let’s get the question of money out of the way first. Many small businesses are reluctant to invest in an eCommerce website because they are worried about the money involved. Building websites isn’t as expensive as it used to be. The initial investment may intimidate you, but the long-term returns can make it worth the expense.

eCommerce websites can be as big or small as you like. You can choose different technologies, and plans, and discuss your options with a web developer to come up with a sound plan.

2. Access

eCommerce websites offer a great deal of accessibility. You will reach people who can’t come to your shop or live too far away from your store to buy directly. This also increases the number of sales and expands your customer base significantly.

Many small businesses start with a local customer base and keep growing. Some end up being international businesses shipping items worldwide. Their products even reach remote areas easily, which means they can earn more money with their investment while building a strong brand presence online.

3. Scalable

eCommerce websites are highly scalable, which means they can easily grow with your business with very little investment. When you need to expand a traditional brick-and-mortar store, you need to buy or rent property, invest in furniture and equipment, hire new people, and spend a lot of money to get the new location up and running.

Websites are easier to scale and don’t require as much money. The developer will just add a few more pages and transfer your website to a bigger server. You can also take advantage of cloud computing to expand your website as much as your business needs without spending money on physical assets. This is the biggest advantage of an eCommerce website for a small business. You can start with a small investment and build up as your company grows.

4. Power of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available today. You can use different strategies like content, SEO, paid ads, social media marketing, etc, to build a large customer base. However, for digital marketing campaigns to be successful, you need a dedicated website.

The website is often the center of your online presence. It is where all of your content, products, services and company-related information is. A strong website with an equally strong digital marketing setup will help you reach more people and earn more money.

5. Mobile Commerce

Did you know that people look for product information online even when they are in a store and looking at the product with their own eyes? If you don’t have a website or an application, third-party sites become the primary sources of information on your product. Sometimes, people will look at the product in your store but buy it from platforms like Amazon because online shopping is more convenient.

That’s why having an eCommerce website, especially one that is responsive and suitable for mobile, is essential. If people do search for your product or services online through their mobile phones, your website will be the first thing they see. They can then use the website to place an order and get the item delivered to their doorstep. Mobile commerce has seen a big surge in recent years and small businesses can’t afford to ignore it.

6. Operate 24-7

Consider how long you can keep your brick-and-mortar store open. In most cases, 10-12 hours? You may still need to shut it down during the holidays or another (god forbid) pandemic. What happens then? Your products are sitting on the shelves and you’re not earning money. With an eCommerce store, you’re open 24/7. Whether you’re asleep or our vacationing, your products are selling and you’re collecting orders.

You just need to make sure your backend can keep up with the demands generated by the website. You can run your business 24/7 without working 24/7. You will hit those impulse-buy customers that order in the middle of the night because they are tired, awake, and just want to get something good.

7. Spend Less

Yes, creating and maintaining a good eCommerce website costs money but you also end up saving some money. An eCommerce website can supplement your workforce and handle most of the tasks a sales team will do. For example, a good product page can convince hundreds of customers to buy a product. A sales rep will have to do the same thing repeatedly to hit those numbers.

Hiring people and paying them to do a job is a constant, recurring expense. While you may still need employees to handle the workload, you may not need as many if you have an eCommerce website. You can still grow your business without hiring more people.

8. Brand Presence

Developing a strong brand presence and reputation is easier if you have a website. You can go to people’s inboxes to remind them of your presence. You can use social media to start conversations, run campaigns, and interact with prospective customers.

Establishing a strong brand presence is necessary if you want to survive in a competitive business environment. Even the small business world has become much more competitive now. At-home companies with eCommerce websites now ship their products all across the globe. Their sales are made because of the power of branding and social media reach.

9. Accelerate the Sales Process

Online sales are quicker and easier, which increases the chances of a customer buying a product they have had their eye on for a while. If you can make a purchase just at the click of a button and get a product delivered to you at your doorstep, you’re more likely to buy it. For a small business, this has always been a barrier.

Large commercial chains make things easier for their customer. Their products are cheaper, they have more stores, they have a bigger collection of products, etc. Small businesses have a smaller inventory, fewer stores, and can be a little more expensive. eCommerce can help you overcome those barriers.

As you can see, eCommerce is an excellent investment for small businesses. If you want to know more, discuss the website in detail with an experienced developer. They will recommend solutions that suit your requirements.

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