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An app is your door to people’s pockets. And we, as the best mobile app development company in India, can create a rockstar app for you. With us, you get:

  • Clean and logical UX/UI
  • Fast and responsive apps
  • Native and hybrid solutions
  • Custom design for your needs

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    Mobile is the king right now. According to a Statista report, 70% of the retail website visits were from a smartphone. Almost everyone prefers to shop or browse the internet on their mobile phone. At YouthTechSolutions, we take this fact seriously.

    YTS offers end-to-end mobile app development services. We use the latest technologies and hard-earned expertise to create cutting-edge platforms. Our customer-oriented, value-based approach ensures every app we develop is unique. We tailor applications to suit our client’s requirements.

    Our process is comprehensive but our approach is simple. YTS’s primary objective is to provide a product that fits your brand and requirements. We offer tailored, customized solutions that help you stand out in this crowded space.

    After all, an app isn’t a website. A website doesn’t occupy a permanent space in a user’s device. If you want people to download your app and use it regularly, you need to ensure it is impressive.

    That’s what we do. Our team of experts play with the latest technology and the most successful platforms. We can create apps that work like magic on iOS and Android. We can develop apps that are smooth, fast, and responsive.

    Whether you want to create an eCommerce portal or a service-based product, we can help. So don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the top mobile app development companies in India today!


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    iOS App Development

    iPhones are some of the most popular devices today and millions of people use them on a global scale. If you want to tap into this audience, you need a native iOS app that works seamlessly with the OS. Our experts can create a dedicated iPhone app that will take advantage of all iOS features.

    Android App Development

    iPhones are popular but Androids have a larger market share. Over 70% of smartphone users have an Android phone. We will develop a smooth and modern native app that will offer an amazing user experience.

    Cross-Platform App Development

    Native apps offer several advantages but they have some limitations as well. They don’t work smoothly on both Apple and Android platforms. Fortunately, we can create cross-platform apps that deliver a smoother experience. These apps will work on both OSs effectively.

    Progressive Web App Development

    If you want to deliver an app-like experience but don’t want to worry about developing a dedicated app, consider booking our PWA development services. PWAs are apps that look and feel like a mobile app but work on a browser. A happy medium between the two options!

    Consulting and Prototyping

    App development is an intricate task that requires a lot of planning. If you want something that stands out, you need hands-on consulting and prototyping. Our team of experts will sit down with you and discuss the details before designing a prototype. That helps us create a polished end product.

    Maintenance and Support

    Our app services don’t end with development. We offer dedicated maintenance and support services as well. You won’t be left alone to deal with technical issues or bugs. Our dedicated support team will fix these problems and ensure your app is always working smoothly.

    Why Are We The Best App Development Company in India?

    It’s easy to promise excellent services but we back it up with substance. YouthTechSolutions has an excellent track record of good performance and customer satisfaction scores. Wondering why you should hire us instead of any other agency in India? Here are some reasons why:

    Technical Expertise

    First and foremost, we are expert app developers. We’re familiar with the latest techniques and the most reliable technologies in the field like Angular.js or Node.js. We understand how to develop high-performance native and cross-platform apps.

    Custom Solutions

    Just developing a great app isn’t enough. You need something that looks interesting and offers a unique value proposition. That’s where our experts come in. They will listen to your requirements and come up with a custom solution for you.

    User Experience

    An app can look appealing in the app store or play store, but offer a horrible experience on the user’s device. That can break the trust bond between you and the user. That’s why we prioritise user experience over everything. We make sure the app looks great and performs well.

    Dedicated Support

    Running and managing an app isn’t easy. Even the most polished products can falter at times, which is one of the reasons why we offer dedicated customer support post launch. If you face any issues, just call or message us and we’ll handle it promptly.

    Full Transparency

    We believe in maintaining an open and honest relationship with our clients. We’re transparent about our pricing, process, timelines, and the technologies we use. Our goal is to live up to our client’s high expectations and deliver an excellent product.


    All our apps go through a comprehensive quality-testing process. We check every aspect of the app to ensure it’s working effectively before delivering it to the client. This helps reduce friction and saves time in the long run.

    Here’s what our esteemed clients have to say about us.

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    James Botham

    The smoothest experience ever! I worked with a great developer who really understood my needs. I needed an iOS app. My target customers are Americans and they prefer Apple. Very satisfied with the end product.


    Lauren Ecclestone

    Love my app. I needed a cross-platform app for a delivery service. The interface is clean and the support is fantastic. Thousands of people have already downloaded my app. I had a good rapport with the development team.


    Alice Knight

    I wanted an app but wasn’t certain about my customers’ enthusiasm so I tried PWA first. We really like the interface and the smooth, mobile-like feel. The customer response is also good so we’re gonna book YTS’s app development services as well.


    Freya Lamb

    Solid work from the YTS team. We needed two native apps and had a generous budget but these guys still helped us save money. They’re very focused and direct. I like how the apps look and feel. We’ve seen a lot of positive response from our clients since the apps were launched.

    Success stories from client.

    Trust doesn’t come easily, which is why we let our work do the talking. Our past projects show just how dedicated, knowledgeable, and versatile our team of developers are. Here’s a look at some of our work in different fields so you can get an idea of what to expect.

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    Great Pricing

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Why choose YTS for app development?
    We’re a trusted mobile app development agency in India with a strong track record. Our goal has always been to deliver value and offer custom solutions. We also offer end-to-end services, starting from product conceptualization to post-launch support.
    Is a mobile app a good investment?
    Yes! A dedicated mobile app will help you retain customers and engage them regularly. People can log out of a website or forget about it, but a mobile app remains on the device unless they actively uninstall. That’s one of the biggest advantages of a mobile app over traditional websites.
    What is the difference between native, cross-platform, and hybrid mobile apps?
    Native apps are developed for a single operating system. Cross-platform apps have a code that is customized to fit different operating systems. Think of it as a key that works in multiple locks. Hybrid apps are similar to cross-platform apps but they involve adding app and web codes to existing native code to achieve the same results.
    How much does app development cost?
    App development costs can vary from one project to another. The costs can depend on the complexity of the app, number of man hours required, and the technologies used. Don’t worry, you don’t need to commit to anything at first. Just discuss your requirements with our team and we will provide a detailed quote. That estimate will help you make informed decisions.
    Will I own the app and its contents?
    Definitely, once the development is complete and we hand the product over to you, you own the app. It becomes your asset and intellectual property. If you want to know more about ownership, please reach out to us directly.
    Do you have any additional costs and charges?
    No, we always maintain transparent pricing and will provide a detailed estimate after the first consultation. If any issues pop up, our team of experts will clear the additional charges with you before implementing them. We maintain open lines of communication so you can discuss the project in detail, including any additional costs, with your dedicated project manager.
    How to choose the right mobile app platform?

    Choosing the platform isn’t easy but there are several factors you can consider before approaching us. These include:

    • Who are your primary target audiences?
    • Do they use iPhones or Android devices?
    • What does your competitor app look like?
    • What is your budget?
    • Does your business need or have room for a mobile app?

    We help you every step of the way so you can make informed decisions. If you can’t choose, just discuss the matter with our experts and they will offer advice. We will always be honest with you.

    Will my app be unique and different?
    We offer custom solutions and will make sure your app stands out. Our goal is to balance uniqueness with customer expectations. We maintain a sound logical flow in the app’s layout while adding a unique spin to the design. If you have any ideas, you can discuss with your project manager and find ways to implement them as well.

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