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    Whether you are a business leader or IT professional, understanding the opportunities for hosting, software, and support lead to incredible value when applied to your organization’s CIS. However, the utilities have reached an acceptable level of maturity before considering it. Utilities spend an average 2.8% of their revenue on IT per employee. These expenses vested in mission critical hardware that the business trusts on for high-availability, but no matter how great the investment, hardware may fail. With the optimum model, it’s actually a win-win situation for both the Utility Commission and Utility.

    Why should you consider YTS?

    Comprehensive industry expertise & experience

    YTS provide energy consulting services to over 50 gas, electric and water utilities around the globe, two of the largest Multiservice municipalities, and well over 15 million retail energy customers are supported through YTS. Our inclusive energy management solutions assist utility companies serve their customers more efficiently and effectively.

    Operational Excellence

    Energy and Utility (E&U) companies will find a reliable and dependable BPO service partner in YTS, to assist enhance their operational effectiveness. We enable these businesses to grow and achieve their organizational objectives through labor arbitrage, process improvement, and technology innovation. It has grown to serve account management, remittance processing, front office, billing, collections, sales, workforce and order management. We offer services with a network of more than 2000 professionals in 10 countries across the globe.

    Infrastructure Hosting Provider

    We offer Cloud consulting services to assist customers assess the Cloud as part of their overall IT service. We advise a delivery strategy; and resolve the OPEX/CAPEX ratios, people, process, ROI, the target operating model, and technology for using Cloud. We work with clients to make sure that their data and security compliance standards are stringently met. YTS helps in creating a strategic and business-oriented Cloud adoption strategy for customers.

    Valuable Partnerships

    YTS has established partnerships with HP, VMware, Microsoft, Amazon, EMC, and Cisco provides hosting services to the clients. We also provide SAP services to our clients globally.

    How can YTS help you?

    YTS’s integrated model is truly one of the most inclusive offerings in the industry, covering enterprise applications, finance and ERP, human capital management, enterprise asset management, customer service and billing and business analytics. YTS also has industry innovations in predictive analytics, business process outsourcing, prepay services and back-office optimizations, and combines services such as application management and infrastructure. We operate, implements, support, and innovate your energy consulting services in a significant manner.

    We provide a wide range of solutions to the companies


    YTS leverages production-proven gold-standard utility and operating practices that ensure operational outcomes and benefits. Our main goal is to engage customers which can choose to deploy, and how they are operated, provisioned and supported to balance the desired risk, cost and control objectives.

    Rapid Deployment Toolkit for Utilities

    YTS has developed a rapid deployment toolkit by combining a deep understanding of the industry’s business processes with implementation lessons-learned. This toolkit offers a flexible platform to integrate core business and back-office functions in an efficient manner.

    Benefits Led Energy & Utilities Solutions

    YTS offers energy and utilities solutions to support all aspects of business operations. Precise capabilities to the industry include: customer relationship and billing, customer relationship management, energy management services and software solutions, enterprise asset management, customer financial management, supply chain management, and human capital management.


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