Travel and Hospitality

With so many travelers booking and researching online, is your organization taking the right steps to guarantee that you stand out from the crowd? Whether you’re a hotel, car rental agency, airline, destination, cruise line, or online travel agency, one significant factor is your capability to reach prospective customers in their preferred language.

How will you make sure that your customer experience and service level and in each language meets the high standards you demand? How will you make it possible to turn visitors into your loyal customers or repeated customers?

YTS is the most reliable and trustworthy provider of language services and related technologies to the hospitality and travel organizations worldwide. Our innovative solutions allow you to find new markets, attract new customers, and build loyalty over the long haul.

Most companies streamlining internal processes wherever possible, but have less success coordinating business interactions. When data pass through numerous inconsistencies, traditional borders, errors, and redundancies arise, leading to wasted work. The cost of such inefficiencies is very large and real.

A transparent enterprise provides a platform for enhancing quality, reducing costs and speeding up operations. Cross-company transparency assist your organization adopt a transformational approach to business, by working with partners to manage and design seamless information and processes.

Why to consider YTS?

Extensive industry experience: YTS possesses broad experience across industry segments including Hospitality and Travel (Online Travel Agencies, Airlines and Hotels); Transportation (Railroads and Rail transit); and Logistics (Freight Forwarding, 3PLs, Fleet Management, Contract Logistics and Trucking).

Continued investments: We have dedicated customer academies, and centers of excellence delivering domain potential and customer value.

Process-driven approach: We use domain-led business process repositories, and offer business transformation through dedicated centers of excellence for airlines and logistics companies

Valuable partnerships: With key industry players including Infor, SAP, Oracle, JDA, Red Prairie, TIBCO, CA, Microsoft and EMC amongst others. Proven skill to partner with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and clients to develop industry solutions and platforms.

How can YTS help you?

YTS provides an array of enterprise-wide services across diverse segments of the industry:

  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Logistics
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Travel & Airlines
  • Hospitality
  • Travel Solutions
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Railroads Solutions