Non-Profit Industry

Non-profit organizations development agencies play a significant role in redressing global market failures and bring inclusive and sustainable growth to the society. While grants remain a vital tool in generating outcomes in the development sector in recent years. Emerging Strategy supports international development agencies and global non-profit organizations in planning programs and identifying the right partners in the markets in Asia and beyond. Non-profit industry plays an effective role in this noble cause. We support to all such non-profit organizations through its efficient technology solutions using software, web applications, mobile applications, and more. Our affordable IT solutions for non-profit organizations aim at strengthening their impact for the society. Consequently, we are well equipped to overcome numerous challenges:

Visibility: Developing interactive websites, software, etc. for non-profit organizations that could spread awareness about their social causes among online visitors.

Fundraising: Integrated and automated applications for fund raising.

Account management: We create or develop non-profit accounting software to assist the organizations keep track of the financial donations they receive.

Service Delivery: Replacing basic productivity tools at non-profit organizations with highly developed applications for quick service delivery to clients.

Technology: Use of urbane technology solutions for advanced data security, research and  development purposes, mobile computing.

Reporting: Developing solutions to support numerous reporting needs such as financial reporting, internal reporting as well as to overcome the data integration issue.

Daily Operations: Deploy advanced processes to replace manual processes in the non-profit industry.

What We Offer:

  • Capability Building with Strategic Planning and Communication
  • Software designing & Development
  • Developing Mobile Apps for Social Awareness
  • Develop Management Information System (MIS)
  • Develop Financial Management software to manage finances
  • Develop Human Capital Management (HCM) Software
  • Develop Project Management Software
  • Drives Management Solutions


  • Enhanced visibility at reduced cost
  • Enhanced campaign performance
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Orderly arrangement via MIS
  • No accessibility issues
  • Provide instant Bankable solutions
  • Technological innovations