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At YouthTech Solutions, we have some of the best experts in the industry waiting to help you scale up. With our managed services, you can get a highly efficient cloud server along with a dedicated team to help you run it.

We are familiar with the most well-known and trusted technologies in this industry, including:

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    1. AWS Managed Services

    Moving to AWS Cloud? You may need AWS Management Services from a reliable partner. As experienced pros in this field, we can help you adopt AWS, migrate from an older system, and maintain the cloud.

    We also help businesses scale their AWS infrastructure efficiently, without any compromise in the quality of service.

    With our careful, planned approach to AWS management, you don’t need to worry about things like downtime and failures.

    We’re an expert AWS managed service provider who can help you with everything from identifying errors in the system to noticing any security issues.

    We also provide regular reports on your AWS infrastructure’s overall performance. With our AWS Cloud Managed Services, you can reach new heights and grow your business consistently.

    2. Linux Managed Services

    Linux is a great opensource alternative to paid servers. Linux is very popular with enterprise-level businesses and is very scalable. If you want a healthy server infrastructure, you need good-quality Linux running services. We can implement, maintain, and migrate your server based on your business’s requirements. Our team understands Linux and related technologies very well. With us, you get SAP SIOS and Oracle clustering solutions as well.

    With efficient clustering, you can run multiple applications and devices on your system without fearing crashes. We’re also familiar with the well-known operating systems in the Linux ecosystem like Utuntu, Fedora, SuSE, Debian, CentOS, and more!

    We work to create and maintain a secure Linux Infrastructure for your business so you get the best performance. System downtimes can have an impact on customer experience and affect your reputation. That’s not something you want in a competitive industry. Linux server management services can help.

    3. Google Cloud Managed Services

    Google Cloud is one of the most trusted names in the industry. If people want to migrate to Cloud, they consider Amazon or Google. We have experts in this field who can help you set up, maintain, or migrate your Cloud to Google. We can also develop dedicated applications that will help you integrate your processes efficiently into your Cloud.

    Our experts can implement accessibility controls and ensure that only authorized individuals can reach certain sections of your server. We can also keep an eye on server performance to see if there are any unusual spikes or dips in activity. As a part of the managed cloud services, we will also provide detailed audits consistently.

    Google Cloud Service Management will help you get the most out of your Google Cloud and maintain a consistent performance as well. Our team will also help you scale the server according to your needs. It is easier and more affordable now than it ever was before!

    4. OpenShift Managed Services

    OpenShift is a platform as a service or PaaS platform. It was developed by Red Hat around the Linux system of containers. It is a very popular option when compared to native Kubernetes because it offers better security.

    OpenShift is the best choice if you want Cloud Native applications for your business. The container system allows you to have several apps working simultaneously without any drop in performance.

    OpenShift moves away from traditional monolithic cloud architecture to a more scalable solution. With this server, you can add to your business operations without worrying about crashes and overload.

    5. Azure Kubernetes Services

    As far as container orchestration goes, Azure Kubernetes is probably the most well-known name. Kubernetes was originally designed by Google but has now been adapted by several parties, including Microsoft. The Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service is one of the most trusted solutions to develop and deploy Cloud-Native apps.

    With Kubernetes Managed Service, you get optimized and automated container orchestration. It is easier to scale clusters based on your business’s unique requirements. No matter how far you go and how much your company grows, this serverless system is perfectly capable of keeping up and we are capable of supporting you.

    Most businesses do not want all aspects of their cloud system to be accessible to their employees. That’s where access and identity management comes in. We can set up your system to ensure only authorized people can access critical areas of your cloud. Proper access management helps improve overall security and can protect your company’s data.

    6. Managed Jenkins Service

    Jenkins is one of the most trusted and loved solutions for building and testing software. Millions of people rely on it every day for Continuous Integration. It is opensource, flexible, and versatile.

    It can also be a little bit of a pain to manage. It is used to implement pipelines or CI/CD workflows. It is popular because it has nearly 2,000 plugins. But developers often complain about admin overhead, lack of centralization, and low overall visibility regarding performance.

    All of these issues make Jenkins Managed Service a very appealing alternative. With a managed service, you don’t need to juggle a weighty, inefficient system. We will provide the centralized management this system needs!

    7. CD Managed Services

    Concerned about CD/CI implementation? If your business needs automation, CD/CI is necessary. However, it can be a lot of work, especially in the initial stages. That’s why you should consider CD managed services.

    CI/CD integration is much easier with professionals helping along. We have an advanced DevOps team that can easily help deploy, integrate, and accelerate your processes.

    We make sure that you experience less downtime and fewer setbacks during the implementation process. We also offer expert consultation services that can step in if there is any problem with the system. Don’t let anything stop you from getting smooth CI integration.

    8. Docker Recognized Service

    When it comes to application development and software delivery, few platforms are as efficient as Docker. It has exploded in popularity in recent years. It has a containerized system that reduces the weight of the server and increases overall efficiency as well.

    In a containerized system, every application sits in its own secure IT environment. That makes scaling easier and also helps keep the system secure.

    With our Docker managed services, it is easier to manage these containers and keep everything running smoothly. That’s especially necessary if you have multiple containers and multiple applications running.

    9. Ansible Automation Platform

    Automation is the name of the game these days and Ansible is a major player. Developed by Red Hat, this automation platform can help develop and deploy different software programs.

    Ansible is also used to create complex workflows for enterprise-level businesses. However, automation does require some monitoring and management to run smoothly. We work with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to bring out its full potential.

    We’re some of the best Ansible Tower Consulting services in the industry. We know how to keep the system secure, ensure it is efficient, and help you maintain peak performance. You will hit your automation goals in no time with our help.


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