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    Non-profit organizations development agencies play a significant role in redressing global market failures and bring inclusive and sustainable growth to the society. While grants remain a vital tool in generating outcomes in the development sector in recent years. Emerging Strategy supports international development agencies and global non-profit organizations in planning programs and identifying the right partners in the markets in Asia and beyond. Non-profit industry plays an effective role in this noble cause. We support to all such non-profit organizations through its efficient technology solutions using software, web applications, mobile applications, and more. Our affordable IT solutions for non-profit organizations aim at strengthening their impact for the society. Consequently, we are well equipped to overcome numerous challenges:


    Developing interactive websites, software, etc. for non-profit organizations that could spread awareness about their social causes among online visitors.


    Integrated and automated applications for fund raising.

    Account management

    We create or develop non-profit accounting software to assist the organizations keep track of the financial donations they receive.

    Service Delivery

    Replacing basic productivity tools at non-profit organizations with highly developed applications for quick service delivery to clients.


    Use of urbane technology solutions for advanced data security, research and development purposes, mobile computing.


    Developing solutions to support numerous reporting needs such as financial reporting, internal reporting as well as to overcome the data integration issue.

    Daily Operations

    Deploy advanced processes to replace manual processes in the non-profit industry.

    What We Offer:

    Capability Building with Strategic Planning and Communication

    Software designing & Development

    Developing Mobile Apps for Social Awareness

    Develop Management Information System (MIS)

    Develop Financial Management software to manage finances

    Develop Human Capital Management (HCM) Software

    Develop Project Management Software

    Drives Management Solutions


    Enhanced visibility at reduced cost

    Enhanced campaign performance

    Improvement in productivity

    Orderly arrangement via MIS


    Year of experience


    Man Hours Project Work Done


    Full Time Employees


    Projects Completed

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