Healthcare Solutions

With more and more health problems emerging in these days, health care offers need to be prompt in offering their services to the marketplace. Patients are expecting services to be easily accessible and useful. With this scenario numerous health care professionals are heading towards their own healthcare solution.

We are a next generation software solutions provider and hence are comfortable in developing innovative and cost-efficient healthcare solutions that are extremely agile, responsive, flexible and cost effective. We deliver customized and innovative healthcare solution and services. Our primary goal is to assist healthcare professionals economically and effectively with the evolving healthcare landscape by offering high-Qaulity healthcare business solutions that draw upon our highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals, scalable technology, flexible service model, and wide-ranging service management.

We at YTS provides control chronic health, determine risks, care management process, forecast future needs and manage their claim payment cycle.

Our Healthcare Solutions Features:

  • Stocking/MR management
  • Mobile Healthcare Support
  • Life Sciences and Pharma
  • Quick Appointment Booking
  • Health Plans and Payers
  • Healthcare information
  • Health insurance
  • Patient’s medical records
  • E- Prescription Modules
  • Medical Technology
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Claim management

At YTS, Health Solutions are driven by a collaborative and visionary team of specialists who have broad knowledge and top to bottom information of medicinal and payment management issues. We also offer mHealth solutions for home remedies, disease symptoms check, hospital location search, fitness monitoring, appointment fixing, medical information, and many more.

What We Offer:

Our expertise lies in business process outsourcing, consulting and simplifying client’s business model through our IT solutions. We can establish your business in the healthcare domain through our technology driven solutions. Some of our major offerings include:

  • Payer CRM Solutions
  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Health Initiatives
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • IT Application Management And Support Services
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • CRM and Master Data Management
  • Healthcare Analytics And Business Intelligence
  • Healthcare Infrastructure Management

We provide a cost-efficient range of mHealth solutions for disease-symptom check, fitness monitoring, drug reference and interaction, treatment education, Homecare tips, hospital locating and guiding and so on.