Automotive & Transportation

Manufacturing processes are being improved to take automotive & the transportation industry to the next levels. Our preferences as consumers go on and look for more advanced technology that enables travelers to get more luxury and comfort. The significance of security and safety for passengers is the first and foremost thing that an Automation and Transportation company strive for.

With years of automotive safety and performance experience, YTS offers highly efficient and innovative solutions at an affordable cost. We offer complete automotive services for private vehicle owners, dealerships, government authorities, repair shops and fleet management companies. We provide services for quality and safety assessments to periodic vehicle inspection and certification.

Automotive suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) look for a partner with wide knowledge and a wealth of experience. From vehicle and component testing, initial design reviews, and engineering experience and expertise we help our clients to fulfill their requirement to the greatest extent. In today’s automotive environment of advanced technologies, high skills, and dynamic change, YTS is the ideal partner to drive your organization forward.

With lower shipping volumes and rising fuel costs due to the global economic recession as industry competition intensifies, it becomes increasingly significant to deliver a higher standard of customer service to improve and differentiate your position in the marketplace. Industry-leading transportation and logistics companies offer world-class customer relationship management solutions that deliver high quality service for customer base retention and growth.

YTS understands the logistical needs to meet the guarantees of the shippers to handle the myriad of other geopolitical regulations and considerations that affect your business, from country-specific issues to individual regulations. We provide contact center services concerning tracking and delivery, dispatch, package pickup, collections, damaged goods and claims and back-office processing for complex shipping and billing needs. YTS provides high customer satisfaction with multilingual support, complicated, but practical custom IVR programs and the YTS Contact Center on Demand for the ability to quickly grow capacity and access skilled professionals as needed. We effortlessly facilitate your B2B and B2C communications at every step.

YTS has the people, processes and technology to assist you better meet the requirements of your customers and ensure that more interactions can be handled correctly and quickly for effective cost containment and an overall customer experience.

What We Offer:

We offer a gamut of services for this domain to assist our clients grow in terms of customer’s possession and improved ROI. Some of these include:

  • Provide Cost-efficient and reliable Automation Solutions
  • Provide Inventory Management Systems
  • Migration Application Development
  • Workflow Systems
  • Integration between Web applications and ERP Systems
  • Data Migration