WordPress Development in India

WordPress is a Content Management System that powers of 60 million websites all over the world, including around 33% of the top 10 million sites. It is the most popular CMS platforms available today and can be used to build everything from blogging to eCommerce sites.

While there are several other CMS technologies available today, WordPress is still considered one of the best. As an experienced WordPress development company in India, we know how to take full advantage of this platform and create impressive websites.


What Makes WordPress Special?


Different businesses require different types of websites. Some CMS platforms have limited scope and may not be a good option for your company. WordPress is one of the most versatile CMSs available today. It started as a good base for media and blogging websites but has expanded over the years to cover all fields. Here's a look at some features that make WordPress a great choice:


  • Open Source – WordPress is an opensource software that is available for everyone. It has a rich developer community that produces great plug-ins, themes, add-ons, etc, regularly. Developers rarely have to create anything from scratch.


  • Customization – This is one of the biggest advantages of WordPress. Its library includes millions of themes and plug-ins so we can create a fully-customized and unique website for your brand.


  • Security – WordPress takes security seriously and has an active community invested in preserving it. The company released stable updates regularly and fixes bugs quickly, which means your new website will be very secure.


  • Mobile-Friendly – WordPress has a responsive framework, which means it adjusts beautifully to all kinds of screen sizes and devices. No matter where your website loads, it will be attractive and user-friendly.


  • Search Engine Friendly – This platform has built-in optimizations that ensure your website will rank high on search engine results pages. All WordPress websites have basic SEO in place and marketers only need to work on the surface to ensure their website lives up to the standard.


If you want a strong business website or an eCommerce portal, we recommend WordPress. Our expert WordPress developer in India will take the time to understand our requirements and create a unique site for you.


Why Hire a WordPress Developer in India?


WordPress is an excellent platform but you need a good developer to take full advantage of it. We have worked with this technology for several years now and know all of its features well. Here’s a look at why you should hire our WordPress development services in India:


  1. Focus on User Experience


User experience is the most important factor when developing websites. If yours isn’t easy to use or navigate, it won’t rank high in search engines or impress customers. We create websites that deliver the best user experience across all popular platforms.


  1. Speed and Performance


Did you know that customers today expect a website to load within 3 seconds or less? They are willing to discard any site that doesn’t load quickly or perform well. We use proven techniques to reduce a site’s file size and optimize its performance across the board.


  1. Different Kinds of Websites


We can make different kinds of websites based on your requirements. Do you need an eCommerce site or a blog? An online portfolio or a professional service site that lets people book appointments? We can create a portal that suits your requirements perfectly.


  1. Clear Brand Presence


There are millions of websites online and all businesses are competing for attention. You need a platform that establishes a strong online presence. That’s exactly what we do through our WordPress development services. Our expert makes sure the website represents your brand well.


If you’re looking for a good WordPress website development company in India, we are a trustworthy choice. Just get in touch with our experts to know more!