Revamping the Website While Keeping the Entire SEO Efforts Intact

This fact cannot be denied that most netizens prefer surfing on an enticing and colorful website that has a rich graphical background. Search Engine giant, Google takes a note about such websites that are generally loved by the netizens. While judging the framework of the website, there are many factors that must be considered such as web page appearance, website framework and use of graphics. There are many factors that influence the overall ranking of the website. To maintain the ranking of the website, it is important to give equal attention towards SEO. It is a general misconception according to which SEO is required just once. No, SEO should be done continuously, the website must be made mobile friendly and necessary redesigning after periodic intervals is also very necessary. It is here that a website development company plays a key role.

Designing the website, maintaining the ranking is often a very challenging task. The overall marketing goals of the business can get affected if the website is not performing as per expectations. Following tips can help you to revamp the website while keeping the SEO intact:

  • Creation of a new temporary URL

A temporary web URL can be created if your website is under redesigning. Do not unnecessarily tamper with your running website because this will affect your current operations. There is a possibility that user experience will also get influenced. Create a new temporary URL and meanwhile ask your designer to make necessary changes.

  • Make necessary shifting

Technical experts such as webmasters are aware of the nuances. Creating a temporary URL and shifting the webpage content will prevent your SEO efforts from going into vain. Proceed cautiously because here you are supposed to kill two birds with one stone. It is possible to revamp the website while maintaining the actual ranking.

  • Use appropriate Google webmaster tools

There are different types of Google webmaster tools that can be used to check any existing shortcoming in the website. It is very easy to find any loopholes by using the correct webmaster tools. Once the weak points are identified, the webmaster can make necessary adjustments. The professionals of a prestigious website design company utilize the correct webmaster tool. After making the necessary adjustments, just confirm whether your website is crawlable or not. Don’t give such technical tasks a miss.

  • Check and alter the website content

Rich content adds a new life to the website. Even Google monitors the content and if there is a scope of betterment, just enrich the content by eliminating errors. Use catchy words but maintain the originality of the content. You must manage the keyword density but avoid stuffing. To be on the safer side, it is good to keep a copy of the older content.  If you are worried that the ranking of the website will sink during redesigning of the website, just employ the aforementioned tips. In the process of website redesigning, the SEO is affected but with proper precaution, the effects can be minimized.