Most Popular Web Development Trends in 2020

Website is not just a collection of webpages. In fact, a website is an ambassador of a business. Impressive, properly optimized, stylish websites loaded with rich content generates a very good impression. New trends and technologies are constantly appearing in the world of the web on a periodic basis. The web developers strive to keep pace with the emerging technologies. It is necessary for the business to update its website in order to stay ahead in the race. Prestigious companies like Youth Tech Solutions keep pace with changing time. Let us know more about the new trends that a prestigious website development company is following in 2020:

  • Modular designs – The age of conventional template websites is fading away. Modular designs are on the rise. Many companies are not interested in restricting their website to a specific template. One flexibility with modular designs is ability to reuse components for creation of a webpage. It also allows display of information in a very stylish manner. Modular designs are faster, flexible and affordable.
  • Responsive designs – This is the age of smart handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones. Almost every website is supposed to be responsive. Google has already started mobile first indexing in 2019. This means responsive websites can attain good rankings. Contact a good website development company like Youth Tech Solutions for responsive designs.
  • Loading speed of website – Your website must function smoothly on mobile devices. If a website is not loading instantaneously on mobile or laptop then ask webmasters to fix the issues. Consult with experts so that web pages loaded with rich content like animation, video and graphics can function smoothly despite the presence of smart ads.
  • Better customer support – The era of artificial intelligence has already begun. Many websites are using chatbots and it is interesting to note that many customers are comfortable with this technology. Features such as chatbots are a great addition to any website. A good website design company is committed to help its customer in the best possible manner. Integrating smart features on the website is the easiest and best way to make it appealing. Hence, prestigious web designers make use of the latest emerging web technologies.
  • Voice search optimization – The world has changed dramatically in the last two decades. Very few were familiar with the terms such as “Search Engine” but today everyone knows Google. Very similarly voice search technology has also become immensely popular. It is possible to add the feature of voice search recognition API on the website.
  • Motion UI – In order to keep the visitors engaged, many web designers are also making the use of motion UI. In the next few years, you will notice that almost all websites are using Motion UI. It is not easy to make a website compelling until and unless such elements are used. Contact experts of a good website design company for relevant technical support.

It is the time to upgrade your web presence because in the coming years most websites will switch to latest technologies. Survival and growth is possible only if you are one step ahead of your rivals.