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Modern businesses need to establish a strong presence online to thrive in this competitive environment. We at Youth Tech Solutions can help you do just that. If you're looking for expert web development and marketing solutions, we can help.

Services We Provide

We have everything you need under one roof and a team of qualified professionals willing to help you. Here’s a look at the services we provide


Web Design and Development

We develop chic-looking websites that are responsive, functional, and sophisticated. They deliver the best possible user experience and have excellent cross-platform performance. Your site will work well on all devices, we guarantee it!


Linux Server Services

  • Nginx web server
  • Apache web server
  • ldap configuration
  • NFS / Samba configuration
  • Access and error logs management
  • netfilter
  • DHCP server
  • Website migration
  • Shell Scripting
  • Access Management with FTP and SSH
  • File Backup and Recovery
  • Database backup and Recovery


  • Website Deployment
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Website deployment withing container (Docker or LXC)
  • Load Balencing
  • Reverce Proxy configuration
  • Monitoring services
  • Logs monitoring services
  • Perticaullar incident monitoring system
  • Resource utilization monitoring
  • Geo-location monitoring

Cloud computing

  • Amazon web service
  • Digital Ocean cloud services
  • Microsoft Azure cloud services
  • Vultr cloud and dedicated server services
  • OVH services

Virtualization service

  • VMware
  • Virtualbox
  • LXC container
  • Docker container

Information security

  • Static web application security testing
  • Dynamic web application security testing
  • Mobile application security testing
  • Static code analysis
  • Network security testing
  • eMail server security testing
  • IT infrastructure cyber security risk assessment.

How  Do We Work?

As an experienced digital company, we have developed a well-researched plan of approach for all kinds of projects. This approach allows us to deliver satisfactory results consistently and keep our clients happy. Here’s a look at what we do:

Thorough Consultation

Our team takes time to understand your goals, priorities, budget, and plans for the future before delving into the project.

In-Depth Research

We look into your industry, target audience, competitors, products, and services to understand what you need.


Our team starts development after planning is done. We have a focused, systematic approach that helps us create a polished product.



No product leaves our lab without thorough A/B and multivariate testing. We make sure clients aren't disappointed with the results.


On-time delivery is always our motto and we work hard to stick with our deadlines on every project.


You can expect consistent maintenance and troubleshooting support even after the site or application is live.

Explore our works

Trust doesn’t come easily, which is why we let our work do the talking. Our past projects show just how dedicated, knowledgeable, and versatile our team of developers are. Here’s a look at some of our work in different fields so you can get an idea of what to expect:


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