Best Node JS Development in India

NodeJs was released in 2009 and allows developers to run JavaScript applications without browser support. We can create fast, efficient, and reliable network applications based on JS through this platform. Our company has some of the best NodeJS developers in India and they can create custom applications for your business.


What is NodeJS?


NodeJS is a server-side application that doesn’t require a browser to run. We can use JavaScript to create everything from command tools to application components on the server’s end, which helps create dynamic, mobile, and flexible websites. The entire application loads before it is sent to the user’s browser. This allows JavaScript developers to use the same language on both client-side and server-side instead of tying different languages together.


NodeJS is used by a large number of websites all over the world, including Netflix, GoDaddy, IBM, LinkedIn, PayPal, and so much more. If you want a flexible website that performs well, this is a great option.


What are the Features of NodeJS?


Many developers recommend NodeJS because it offers several great features and advantages. It doesn't just make development easier for professionals but also benefits clients. Here's a look at some of its most important features:


  • Asynchronous and Non-Blocking – The NodeJS server application never needs to wait for API to return data packages to requesting users. The software is also event-driven, which means NodeJS will help your server get a response from third-party APIs as well.
  • Fast – NodeJS is based on Google’s Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine, which means it is very fast. It can improve the website’s overall performance by a considerable margin.
  • Single-Threaded – NodeJS has event looping with single-threading, which means the same program can support a large number of requests at the same time. That makes NodeJS is a great option for websites that expect high traffic.
  • Scalable – All applications based on NodeJS are highly scalable and will grow with your business. If you want to add new pages or sections to your website, it is easy to customize the application without compromising its overall performance.
  • No Buffering – As mentioned before, the application loads before it is sent to the user’s browser. It is sent in large data-packets that appear quickly on the browser, which means the application loads very quickly without any need for buffering. This is an ideal solution for content-heavy websites or applications. Netflix is an excellent example of how the no-buffering aspect of NodeJS works.


As you can see, there are several advantages of using NodeJS, but it is important to make sure this program is a good choice for you. Our expert NodeJS developers in India can help you make informed decisions.


The Best NodeJS Development Agency in India


NodeJS is a tool and it reaches its full potential in the hands of an experienced developer. That's exactly what we offer our clients on every project. Our developers have practical experience as well as technical skills in this field. Here's a look at why we are a good choice:


  • Bespoke Applications – We can create bespoke applications based on your company's particular requirements and preferences. Just discuss what you need with our expert and they will plan accordingly.
  • Speed and Performance – We make sure your application lives up to the speed and performance standards that modern users demand. Our developers create a clean, straightforward site that performs well on all platforms, including mobile.
  • Testing – No application is released to clients without comprehensive testing. Our developers check every element to make sure nothing goes wrong and the product lives up to your expectations.


We also offer comprehensive maintenance and servicing facilities to keep your application running at all times. If you’re looking for reliable NodeJS development services in India, we can help.